Should You Repair or Replace Your Electric Motor?

Countless companies rely on the power of efficient electric motors to keep their business running. Just like any other mechanical device, your electric motor isn’t designed to last forever. No matter how much care and attention you give your system, … Continue reading

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Measuring High-Frequency Currents in Your Electric Motor

Measuring the high-frequency currents in your electric motor is key to understanding your unit’s needs. Is it time to take preventative measures to mitigate additional motor damage? Are you at risk of motor breakdown or malfunction? Here are three of … Continue reading

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How to Diagnose and Treat Motor Bearing Failure

As more industrial companies turn to variable frequency drives (VFDs) to enhance efficiency and productivity, it’s important to remember that these systems come with their own distinct drawbacks – notably, their shaft voltages that can lead to motor bearing damage. … Continue reading

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How to Select the Right VFD for Your Company

Selecting the right variable frequency drive (VFD) is essential to the proper operation of your equipment. By using these efficient systems, you can boost profit and productivity in your business – but only if you choose the right one. With … Continue reading

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6 of Our Best Blog Posts on Variable Frequency Drives

Companies around the world and across industries are turning to variable frequency drives (VFDs) as a solution for reducing utility costs, improving precision, and enhancing energy savings. Today, we’re celebrating the power and convenience of VFDs by looking back at … Continue reading

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How Green Energy Can Use CoolBLUE

Modern motors often use variable frequency drives (VFDs) to ensure accuracy and efficiency during operation. But, while VFDs can save companies up to 55% of their total energy costs, they can also cause dangerous currents that lead to motor bearing … Continue reading

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Generator?

Despite all your best efforts, you may need to purchase a new generator to maintain efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness at your company. The question is, when’s the right time to get your replacement? While you don’t want to wait until … Continue reading

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What Type of Fuel Is Best for My Generator?

When you’re choosing the ideal generator for your company, one of the key factors you’ll need to consider is the type of fuel it uses. Each fuel comes with different storage requirements, availability, prices, and other concerns to think about … Continue reading

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