How CoolBLUE Technology Can Benefit Any Industry

Today, most modern motors run through a variable frequency drive, or VFD, regardless of the industry they’re used in. But while motor controllers can save companies up to 55% of their energy costs, they also create currents that cause frosting, … Continue reading

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How High-Efficiency Motors Reduce Energy Losses

Electric motors are some of the most commonly-used pieces of equipment throughout the business world – but they also represent a huge opportunity for minimizing energy and production costs. By simply switching to more efficient and newer models, the U.S. … Continue reading

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Motor Rewinding: Best Practices

For engineers and mechanical experts, electric motors are relatively simple devices. However, rewinding the coils on these motors is a highly precise task that requires the utmost expertise. If an EASA-accredited individual rewinds a motor, the technological advancements and best … Continue reading

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Repair or Replace: The Decision-Making Process

Electric motors represent an essential aspect of many thriving industries in today’s market. They keep companies running smoothly and can provide years of efficient and effective performance. But no matter how well you maintain your motor, there will come a … Continue reading

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How CoolBLUE Works to Reduce Damage to Your Motor’s Bearings

Designed to improve control, precision, and energy efficiency in industrial and commercial settings, the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) arrived on the market several decades ago, and is still used by a host of different industries today. Over the years, the VFD … Continue reading

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CoolBLUE: The Installation Process

When it comes to expanding the longevity of your motor bearings, it’s hard to beat CoolBLUE inductive absorbers. These reliable devices limit the high frequency current from the VFD output, diminishing the damage to your machine. Unlike other solutions, CoolBLUE … Continue reading

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3 Common VFD Problems CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers Can Solve

  Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) offer a host of useful benefits to industrial and commercial organizations, from improving productivity and precision, to reducing energy waste. But they do have some potential problems too. VFDs can create detrimental electrical spikes and … Continue reading

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Repairing Electric Motors: What Is Dynamic Balancing?

Electric motors are essential to productivity for many industries — without them, production would simply stop. If your business operations rely upon reliable electric motor operation, you know it’s not enough for your motors to just keep turning — they … Continue reading

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