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Should You Repair or Replace Your Electric Motor?

As crucial factors in many thriving industries, electric motors include a variety of complex and specialized parts that must all continue to run in optimum condition, in order to maintain productivity. Unfortunately, extensive use resulting in application wear and tear, … Continue reading

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The Possibilities of CoolBLUE Technology

The Variable Frequency Drive, or VFD, emerged a number of decades ago — designed to provide precision, control, and substantial energy savings to both industrial, and commercial applications. Most electric motors today are designed to work with variable frequency drives, … Continue reading

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When Should You Be Using a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Rated Motor?

When it comes to pinpointing precision, minimizing utility costs, and managing electrical energy, variable frequency drives, are one of the most successful strategies available today, through a varied voltage and frequency of energy supplied to that motor. In other words, … Continue reading

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