How CoolBLUE Technology Can Benefit Any Industry

Worker in a steel millToday, most modern motors run through a variable frequency drive, or VFD, regardless of the industry they’re used in. But while motor controllers can save companies up to 55% of their energy costs, they also create currents that cause frosting, fluting, and many other types of damage to motor bearings. If the high-frequency currents generated by VFDs aren’t “choked,” then eventually the system will breakdown or malfunction.

Fortunately, CoolBLUE Technology can absorb the high-frequency currents of VFD systems before they connect with the motor. The result is a longer motor life as well as a more efficient and cost-effective performance for all businesses – whether commercial or industrial. Read on to learn more about the impressive benefits of CoolBLUE that have already been discovered in a number of different industries.

CoolBLUE in Commercial Industries

CoolBLUE inductive absorbers have been adopted at office buildings, universities, HVAC installation companies, and laboratories, to name but a few commercial users. Thanks to the technology’s ability to eradicate equipment malfunction and downtime, these organizations have been saved millions of dollars and hours of inconvenience.

One example of CoolBLUE’s superior commercial performance is evident at an Indianapolis Children’s Hospital. The hospital was experiencing an excessive number of bearing failures due to bearing fluting from destructive shaft currents. The hospital had attempted to install shaft grounding rings in the past, but still suffered significant failures. After the installation of four CoolBLUE inductive absorbers, however, common mode noise was reduced by around 75%. As a result of fewer damaging currents, the hospital has now gone 4 years without a single failure.

CoolBLUE and the Industrial Goods Sector

CoolBLUE Technology can also boost construction and manufacturing capabilities, making it an invaluable addition at any kind of industrial company – from steel mills to food processors.

For instance, a water filtration plant turned to CoolBLUE inductive absorbers to help reduce the damaging frequencies produced by their VFD. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, the peak zero sequence current reduced by at least 50%, and the di/dt fell by 60%. This ensured that fluting and other risk factors vastly decreased going forward.

Similarly, a paper plant running a standard 150hp VFD system installed CoolBLUE Technology to boost the reliability and performance of their motor. The company took measurements before and after installing the Nanocrystalline cores over the leads around the output inverter, and saw a huge reduction in the amount of noise generated. The CoolBLUE cores absorbed the high-frequency noise, which eliminated the “random shutdowns” the plant had experienced in the past.

CoolBLUE Technology has even helped to make the world an eco-friendlier place. One organization using wind turbine generators was experiencing numerous bearing failures as a result of common choke-mode currents. The costly nature of repairing the currents made running the sustainable energy plant far more problematic. Fortunately, by installing CoolBLUE cores in the cabling, the organization was able to reduce currents by more than 75%. In the last 12 years since then, the wind power production company has experienced no failures at all.

Using CoolBLUE at Your Company

Although there are many industries that have already discovered the benefits that CoolBLUE has to offer, it’s worth noting that any company using a VFD could improve the performance of their motors and minimize downtime with this technology.

With quick and easy installation for any shape and size of motor, and proven success, your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain from using these powerful inductive absorbers.

Contact Sloan Electric today and talk to our team of experts about the difference CoolBLUE cores could make at your company – no matter what industry you operate in.

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