How CoolBLUE Works to Reduce Damage to Your Motor’s Bearings

three blue electric motors featured in a factoryDesigned to improve control, precision, and energy efficiency in industrial and commercial settings, the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) arrived on the market several decades ago, and is still used by a host of different industries today.

Over the years, the VFD control system has become so popular that a VFD is used with a significant number of electric motors. But despite their benefits, VFDs still present a range of potential drawbacks, most notably in their generation of high frequency currents. These motor-bearing currents can quickly lead to damage, malfunction, and motor downtime, which is why many industries have turned to expensive insulation strategies and grounding devices in seeking a solution.  And these “solutions” are normally replaced when the bearings are replaced, adding to the lifetime costs.

Today there’s a new solution: CoolBLUE inductive absorbers.  A product that is guaranteed to work, does not wear out and is not affected by the motor installation environment.  These choke devices absorb damaging high frequency currents and defend motor systems by preventing high-frequency electrical signals from damaging circuits. With CoolBLUE, companies can improve equipment longevity, and mitigate unwanted breakdowns. But how exactly do these solutions work?

Read on to discover the function of CoolBLUE inductive absorbers, and the benefits they can offer your VFD motor driven systems.

Improving Motor Longevity with CoolBLUE

Motor bearing currents are an unfortunate, and highly damaging byproduct of VFDs. But because these systems are ideally suited to improving precision and energy-efficiency, it’s important to find a solution that mitigates this damage and keeps your system running smoothly.

The VFD output waveform includes high frequency currents that are induced into the motor rotor and discharged to ground as through the motor bearings.  These currents create noise, which manifests itself as voltage spikes to the motor winding.

With the right “choking” mechanism, organizations can protect their motor bearings from fluting, frosting, breaking down lubrication, and various other sources of bearing damage. CoolBLUE inductive absorbers minimize spikes and absorb the asymmetrical EMI currents created by the VFD. The absorbers eliminate the bearing damage extending motor lifespans and reducing maintenance expenses.

In one case study of industry applications, CoolBLUE absorbers reduced 85% of damaging currents, leading to an end result of more than 6 years without any failures. In another similar case study, wind turbine generators experiencing early failures reduced bearing currents by over 75% through the use of CoolBLUE cores.

How CoolBLUE Works

Inductive absorbers are sometimes called “common mode chokes”. They are a type of self-contained electrical inductor that work to absorb, or choke, radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Unlike dV/dT filters, another solution for controlling voltage spikes, common mode chokes like the ones produced by CoolBLUE specifically choke the unwanted currents created by high speed switching IGBTs. This dampens the noise created by the motor and motor cable in VFD machines. Inductive absorbers don’t block all the RFI and EMI currents, but they do reduce them enough to prevent damage to the motor.

CoolBLUE inductive absorbers are particularly innovative because they use soft magnetic cores designed with nanocrystalline, a material that allows for the greater absorption of damaging frequencies. Each core uses nanocrystalline tape wound multiple times and placed inside of a plastic case. The superior magnetic properties of nanocrystalline means that CoolBLUE absorbers need only about 20% of the magnetic mass of other absorbers. This minimizes the number of cores required for effective results.

The Benefits of CoolBLUE for Your Motor

Using an intuitive design and high-quality materials, CoolBLUE inductive absorbers can boost the longevity and performance of your VFD driven motors. They improve reliability by mitigating the high-frequency noise caused by VFDs, which often results in unexpected downtime and maintenance.

CoolBLUE cores are a one-time purchase to protect your motor bearings.  Plus eliminate future expenditures by no longer specifying and purchasing shaft grounding devices and insulated bearings in the “hoped for” motor protection from VFD induced shaft currents.

CoolBLUE cores don’t absorb symmetrical currents, but instead absorb and significantly reduce asymmetrical currents to improve motor reliability. They take very little time or effort to install, so you can experience a lifetime of versatile and long-lasting protection within minutes.

For more information on CoolBLUE technology, contact our team of experts today.


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