How Green Energy Can Use CoolBLUE

Wind-turbines spin in an open field

Modern motors often use variable frequency drives (VFDs) to ensure accuracy and efficiency during operation. But, while VFDs can save companies up to 55% of their total energy costs, they can also cause dangerous currents that lead to motor bearing damage and reduced machine durability.

The only way to minimize the impact of high-frequency currents is to choke them using inductive absorbers. Over the years, CoolBLUE has proven itself to be powerful technology that is capable of absorbing the destructive frequencies in VFD systems before they cause lasting problems. CoolBLUE cores have been used across manufacturing, automotive, and OEM industries, and now green companies are also starting to see the advantages of CoolBLUE.

How CoolBLUE Boosts Sustainability

CoolBLUE’s ability to suppress asymmetrical EMI currents and reduce overvoltage peaks makes this kind of inductive absorber ideal for any industry that needs to access the efficiency and precision of VFDs – without the risk of destructive currents. But green energy could enjoy a number of other benefits.

CoolBLUE cores are made from a unique nanocrystalline material called “Nanoperm,” which does not wear out or deteriorate, regardless of the installation environment. This is particularly useful in green energy applications, which can be subject to harsh outdoor climates. What’s more, because they work with a wide range of different motors, CoolBLUE cores have already been successfully applied in:

  • Wind turbines
  • Water pump and hydro power
  • Solar converters

By using CoolBLUE solutions with their VFD motors, green companies have been able to improve the lifespan of their machines, while minimizing the risk of electrical breakdown and unexpected downtime. This, in turn, makes green energy a more reliable source of energy.

How It Worked for Wind and Water

Many wind energy generators struggle with electrical breakdowns of lubrication caused by parasitic currents. In one case study, a wind-power company had experienced various bearing failures due to common choke mode current problems. The expense of constantly repairing current damage stopped the green business from producing cost-effective energy.

However, by installing CoolBLUE cores around the cabling for the wind generation motor, the organization could reduce their destructive currents by up to 75%. For the last twelve years, the company has experienced no more failures thanks to CoolBLUE absorbers.

Water-power organizations have also been able to improve with CoolBLUE. In another case study, a company’s pump unit was suffering bearing damage because of circular currents. After installing CoolBLUE technology, the currents were reduced five-fold, while the shaft voltage was almost halved. It’s not surprising that these incredible results have prompted more experimentation with CoolBLUE technology in the green energy sector.

The Emerging Potential in Solar Power

Companies in the solar power industry are now starting to explore the benefits of using common choke mode cures to enhance efficiency in the energy conversion process.

Manufacturers of photovoltaic inverters are replacing their standard components with high-tech solutions that offer more efficient electrical currents. On both AC and DC lines, solar companies are enhancing the performance of their generators with CoolBLUE technology because the nanocrystalline cores have a permeability rating that is five times higher than standard ferrites. The unique construction of CoolBLUE inductive absorbers results in a smaller build volume and a reduced copper resistance level of about 50% for solar inverters in modern power plants.

In the green industry, it’s crucial for organizations to focus on keeping their practices as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible. CoolBLUE technology is proving that it can assist green companies in this task. Contact Sloan Electric today to speak to our expert team about how these effective inductive absorbers could boost your green business.

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