3 Signs Your Rotors Are Damaged

An issue or a failure in an electric motor can happen for several reasons. Many of these issues often occur during the motor startup phase because of over-currents or low insulation resistance, but there are other problems that can happen … Continue reading

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How Vibration Analysis Works

No matter what kind of industrial machines you rely on for your business’ productivity, you’ll often find that “vibration” is a common side effect of high performance devices. Because of the intense workload demanded of electric motors, there is naturally … Continue reading

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How to Troubleshoot an Electric Motor Problem

Your electric motor is the heartbeat of your company and although it can last for years, such a heavy workload can cause it to experience a variety of problems along the way. Before you call your electrical technician for help, … Continue reading

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How an Oxyhydrogen Torch Works

  For decades, oxyhydrogen torches have been the preferred choice of experts in the engineering industry – particularly when it comes to cutting and welding. Although industry professionals have recently begun to turn towards oxy-acetylene because of the high-temperature flames … Continue reading

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AC Motor Centrifugal Switch Repair: What You Should Know

The centrifugal switch is an important part of the AC motor performance at your company but, just like any mechanical device, it’s subject to a range of problems. It’s useful to know how to troubleshoot your circuit when you encounter … Continue reading

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Electric Motor?

Countless companies rely on the power of efficient electric motors to keep their business running. Just like any other mechanical device, your electric motor isn’t designed to last forever. No matter how much care and attention you give your system, … Continue reading

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Measuring High-Frequency Currents in Your Electric Motor

Measuring the high-frequency currents in your electric motor is key to understanding your unit’s needs. Is it time to take preventative measures to mitigate additional motor damage? Are you at risk of motor breakdown or malfunction? Here are three of … Continue reading

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How to Diagnose and Treat Motor Bearing Failure

As more industrial companies turn to variable frequency drives (VFDs) to enhance efficiency and productivity, it’s important to remember that these systems come with their own distinct drawbacks – notably, their shaft voltages that can lead to motor bearing damage. … Continue reading

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