Sloan and the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)

Sloan and the EASA: Upholding Industry Best Practices Since 1938


Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales has been the premier provider of motor, generator, and control services and products for municipalities and industries throughout San Diego, Orange, Imperial, and Riverside counties for 70 years. With a commitment to reliability and industry excellence, Sloan provides a full range of in-house and on-site services, complete product sales, problem resolution, and warranty services.

As a member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) for over forty years, Sloan holds a strong commitment to building industry best practices in the servicing and application of electromechanical equipment and related electrical equipment. EASA is a renowned international trade organization that includes over 1,900 electromechanical sales and service firms in a whopping 62 countries. EASA focuses on helping its many members enhance their work performance and providing a platform to disperse key industry information and education to worldwide members.

About the Electrical Apparatus Service Association
EASA has time-honored roots, with its first chapter charters granted as early as the mid-1930s. Today, EASA grants membership to those who sell and service electrical, electronic, and mechanical apparatuses. EASA provides top-notch consulting services, sponsors world-class training and educational programs, and even holds an annual convention and exhibition that hosts over 200 industry exhibitors. In addition, EASA offers consulting services to its members and promotes better repair standards by working with manufacturers, industry organizations, and government agencies with seminars, webinars, and educational events.

As the electromechanical authority and knowledge-sharing platform for the electromechanical industry, EASA’s website offers an online resource library, discussion forum, surplus equipment trading post, trade press article library, and listing of discount programs for professionals.

Today, EASA also offers an Exceptional Achievement Service Award, which recognizes individuals for exceptional service in the electrical apparatus sales and service industry. As well, individual members can earn an “EASA Accreditation”; a rigorous, third-party audit of those select EASA members who choose to adhere to the highest standards of electromechanical repair services. EASA’s elite list of accredited service centers boasts over 25 accredited service centers across the United States and Canada. Participation affirms a center’s commitment to excellence, professional reputation, consistency in service quality, and reliability in the field.

Sloan’s History with the EASA
As a strong advocate for the truly beneficial work of EASA in the industry, Sloan Electric Corporation’s own President, Jerry Gray, currently serves on EASA’s International Board of Directors.

Jerry has been actively involved with EASA on local, regional, and international levels for decades, participating on many levels and aiming to encourage each and every member to uphold and deliver the highest of standards. Jerry has served all positions in EASA’s Southern California Chapter, acted as a member of the EASA’s Engineering Committee in the 1990s, and participated in the first repair quality and high efficiency motor testing and evaluation programs. These programs led to groundbreaking research and the subsequent publication of motor repair practices focused on maintaining efficiency over time. These practices have gone on to become the industry standard for best practices in motor service and repair.

Jerry has been serving on the EASA Marketing and Industry Awareness Committee for several years, and is currently serving a second three-year term as EASA Regional Director of Region 7, which covers EASA membership in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, western Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii. This committee has had instrumental input with EASA’s Board of Directors when they commissioned industry research on motor repair and services.

Through its longstanding involvement with EASA, Sloan has continued to aid in supporting best practices and offering exceptional educational opportunities throughout the industry of electromechanical sales and servicing.

Want to know more about the EASA accreditation? Download the free .pdf now, just click the EASA logo now!

EASA Accreditation Program


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