Why Rewinding Your Motor Might Be the Green Choice

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When your electric motor fails, there two options available to you — replace the motor, or rewind it. Because a lack of technology in the past has led to mistakes in motor rewinding practices, many people have grown to assume that rewinding reduces motor efficiency, and may therefore be less optimal than a replacement. These misconceptions have also led many to believe that replacing their motors with a high efficiency model is better for the environment, but in fact, rewinding your motor may be the green choice, if you have it rewound by an experienced professional.

Rewinding Motors and the Environment

According to statistics published by the Department of Commerce, there are over 12.4 million electric motors in United States industries. The same statistics predict that almost a quarter, (3 million) of these machines will fail within the next twelve months.

While energy prices rise and fall, now is not the time for conservation efforts to relax – particularly in regards to electric motors, which use a great deal of power to function every day. The significance of electric motor performance is one of the factors that lead to the introduction of newer energy-efficient solutions, like NEMA premium motors, and it’s also why industries must consider efficiency and reliability when conducting maintenance. Better reliability is better for the environment.

And when comparing the carbon footprint of rewinding a premium efficient motor with the purchase of a new premium efficient motor, the rewinding has a lower carbon footprint as motor core materials are recycled.

And from a warranty perspective, Sloan offers the same new motor warranty on the rewind of a premium efficient motor.  For example, if the new motor warranty is 3 years, the rewind warranty is 3 years.

Though many organizations recognize the costs that they have to pay out when an unreliable motor begins to fail, they struggle to recognize the energy costs that also pile up – damaging the environment. Even the smallest fault in motor efficiency can reduce the life expectancy of a motor, raise energy costs, and maximize environmental impact. As a result, the green motor initiative has introduced standards for rewinding that help ensure motors return fully to their prior efficiency values.

In other words, not only is motor rewinding less expensive than replacement and repair, but it uses less production and manufacturing on the development of new products that would contribute to environmental damage – without reducing motor efficiency.

Rewinding can be the Smart Choice

If an experienced, Green Motors Practices Group member or an EASA Accredited facility rewinds a motor, then the idea of motor rewinding leading to inefficiency is an outdated concept. Advancements made in regards to techniques, disciplines and quality assurance have allowed for the reliability and energy efficiency match with sometimes improvement of efficiency in motors after rewinding.

For example, high-quality resins and insulating tapes have allowed engineers to improve thermal dissipation during the rewinding procedure, and automated technology for coil formation can ensure better installation and operation in motors. Industry experts are beginning to consider the fact that rewinding motors could improve their reliability and uptime, while reducing operating costs. Not only is this ideal for the successful function of a business, but it’s also critical to caring for the environment.

In fact, in recognition of the environmental and economic impact of green rewinding, certain organizations, such as the Green Motors Practices Group and EASA, offer services and standards for end users to identify and promote member motor service centers.

Have you had an experience with green rewinding in the past? Do you prefer modern rewinding to repairs and replacements? Let us know in the comments below!

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