Case Studies

Open Shop Versus Out-of-State Shop Problem: The City of San Diego Metropolitan Waste Water Department’s large motor repairs were being performed out of state making it impossible for the department to inspect the work in progress. Solution: By awarding us its annual contract, the department has immediate access to a local service provider with an open shop. Department representatives visit us on-site to view the work in progress, as well as to discuss equipment application procedures and details with our technicians.
Improved Operations With No Budget Increase Problem: A significant municipal water district requested a technical review of its proposed specifications for motor-control equipment replacement. Solution: After qualifying us to bid on future work, we provided a technical review of the solutions and specifications at no charge. Our review included recommendations for improvements to remediate potential arc flash-safety problems and use equipment for remote-operation (SCADA) control – improvements that did not increase the district’s original budget.
One-Stop Licensed and Experienced Source Problem: A cogeneration company had a major repair situation – a large generator that required removal, repair, installation, alignment, startup and vibration analysis. Solution: Instead of splitting the liabilities associated with contracting the various issues, the company hired us to do all the work. We’re licensed and experienced in all phases that were required. Our technicians performed every service, excluding crane rental, saving the company time, money and especially, headaches.

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