Environmental Compliance

Sloan Electric is committed to following environmental best practices and motor efficiency standards. We abide by the laws, regulations, and standards provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we adhere to EASA’s Environmental Policy, and we are certified by the Green Motors Practices Group.

Electric Motor Efficiency & More

Here are the green initiatives we observe:

  • Limit our toxic air emissions through use of the following:

o   Epoxy resins whose VOC content is below required permit levels

o   After burners and water infection during the winding removal pyrolysis process for clean emissions

o   Predict chemical spill probability though alternative methods such as, inventorying small quantities and use of containment procedures

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide)
  • Offer premium efficiency motor repairs (such as “Green Rewind”)

We respect the environment and are constantly reevaluating our processes and procedures to identify new ways to lessen our industrial impact on this earth.

About Sloan

Founded in 1938, Sloan Electric is a leading provider of comprehensive services for electric motors, pumps, generators, and other related equipment. We offer high-quality repairs and refurbishment utilizing our state-of-the-art machinery and technicians. Over the past 70+ years our company has gone through a series of name changes, but has maintained its original operations and expertise. We will address your electromechanically needs quickly, affordably, and effectively, to get your systems up and running at maximum capacity.

For more information about our environmentally compliant practices, or to request a service, contact us at 877.239.5174 or fill out a form online.

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