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Jerry is the owner of Sloan Electromechanical and is active in all aspects of the company. He is passionate about doing the work RIGHT and proposing the best product solution, hence the Sloan team is focused on aligning company values with client values. Please post your questions or comments and Jerry will respond. For a faster or confidential response, please contact Jerry directly 619-515-9691 or LinkedIn

4 Reasons You Need a Standby Generator for Your Business

Natural disasters, storms, and unforeseen circumstances could have a negative (and even debilitating) impact on your business operations, especially if they cause your electricity to go out. While it might not be possible to halt Mother Nature, you can take … Continue reading

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Why You Should Choose a Company That Is EASA Accredited

When you send a motor for repair, you want your equipment to get serviced with environmentally friendly techniques that adhere to industry standards. To achieve this, it’s best to choose a professional service center that promises — and delivers — … Continue reading

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Common Mode and Differential Mode: Are They Affecting My Electric Motor?

Electric motors rely on the cohesive functioning of all internal components to work efficiently — which means that the slightest fault could cause your motor performance to suffer. Factors like improper lubrication, corrosion, and overheating could all directly affect how … Continue reading

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Electric Motor Overheating: The Signs and Solutions

Like any complex machine with multiple moving parts, electric motors are vulnerable to common performance issues like misalignment, bearing wear, and harmonic distortion. One of the most common performance issues in electric motors is overheating. Experts suggest that an 18°F … Continue reading

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When Should I Rewind My Electric Motor?

When the performance of an electric motor begins to deteriorate, you must make a complicated choice: either replace the motor entirely or prolong the life of the motor with “rewinding” techniques. The choice of whether to rewind or replace your … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Predictive Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric motors are efficient, powerful, and effective machines, but they’re not immune to occasional malfunctions, gradual deterioration, and minor hiccups. That’s why electric motors need regular maintenance to help them work up to their full potential. And by choosing to … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of CoolBLUE [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s industrial and commercial companies are investing more of their money into variable frequency drives (VFDs). This is because VFDs have incredible benefits: they can boost performance accuracy, promote productivity, and can even help save energy. But in order to … Continue reading

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6 Common Malfunctions in Electric Motors

Similarly to any mechanical device, an electric motor can suffer from a range of issues, including damaged interior components all the way to harm from exposure to contamination. In reality, there are any number of reasons that can cause electric … Continue reading

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