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How Vibration Analysis Works

No matter what kind of industrial machines you rely on for your business’ productivity, you’ll often find that “vibration” is a common side effect of high performance devices. Because of the intense workload demanded of electric motors, there is naturally … Continue reading

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How an Oxyhydrogen Torch Works

  For decades, oxyhydrogen torches have been the preferred choice of experts in the engineering industry – particularly when it comes to cutting and welding. Although industry professionals have recently begun to turn towards oxy-acetylene because of the high-temperature flames … Continue reading

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AC Motor Centrifugal Switch Repair: What You Should Know

The centrifugal switch is an important part of the AC motor performance at your company but, just like any mechanical device, it’s subject to a range of problems. It’s useful to know how to troubleshoot your circuit when you encounter … Continue reading

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