Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG)

Green Motors Practices Group (GMPG) is a non-profit organization that promotes and improves energy efficiency and reliability of motor-driven systems. With over 60 certified GMPG service centers across the U.S. and Canada, green motor repair has never been more accessible. GMPG only certifies motor service centers that follow process standards, retain efficiency, and improve electric motor reliability – after passing rigorous training and evaluation.

Sloan Motor Rewinding Services

Sloan Electric is proud to be the only certified GMPG member in San Diego, and one of only four members in all of Southern California.  Sloan has made it their goal to maximize efficiency in the motor repair/rewind process according to the GMPG standards. We ensure that your rewound, premium-efficient motors will meet the same efficiency standards that were required by their original motor manufacturers – known as a “green rewind.” In addition to preserving the efficiency standards, we also maintain the same warranty as your original motor manufacturer. With our GMPG certification, you can trust that all of our processes, procedures, and personnel maintain motor-premium efficiency ratings during repair.

More About Sloan

Sloan Electric was established in 1938 and has spent the past 70+ years perfecting their services for electric motors, pumps, controls, generators, and more.  We are Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) accredited, and we are the only company in California to receive the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

For more information about our membership with GMPG, or to learn more about our trusted electric motor service, contact us today (877-239-5174) and schedule an appointment.


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