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Have you been looking for a way to lengthen your motor bearing lifespan while also reducing your maintenance costs? Then look no further than the CoolBLUE inductive absorbers. VFD’s require motor bearing damage protection, as they can induce high frequency shaft currents in the motor rotor circuit, conducting through the bearings, which can lead to motor a bearing failure as a result of electrical discharge machining. CoolBlue inductive absorbers act as your motor bearing’s high frequency choke, limiting this current to a safe level, to improve the performance and reliability of your equipment.

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CoolBLUE inductive absorbers guard your motor bearing system’s pathways from damage and breakdowns by reducing high frequency electrical signals from specific circuits. This improved reliability isn’t the only benefit of the CoolBLUE inductive absorbers.  They do not wear out or deteriorate and are unaffected by the motor installation environment, whether it be dirty, corrosive, submerged or hazardous.  You’ll also save big on time and money. Installation is easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. Plus, after installation, you won’t have to worry about spending your time and maintenance dollars on dealing with repetitive bearing replacement repairs or a catastrophic motor repair from a bearing failure caused by high frequency induced current.  With a minimal number of core sizes to fit all motor applications, this is a perfect solution for various industries including: Industrial, HVAC, food processing, chemical, petroleum, auto manufacturing, renewable energy, paper manufacturing, and most VFD installations. Whatever your line of work, CoolBLUE inductive absorbers can help you maximize your productivity with minimal effort.

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